Display advertising

Strategically place your ads across the internet

Display advertising

Google advertising has been fine-tuned over the years. Where there were once big yellow adverts at the top of the search results, which frankly we all avoided like the plague, you now find that Google helps you to get  to where you need to be, quicker.

These Google adverts are split into two parts. The Display Network and the Search Network. The former focuses on visuals, such as images and videos, which work to catch the eye. Social media has changed the way we operate. We read less and observe more. So display ads are a great way of appealing to the masses.

Display ads reach over 90% of Google’s global internet users*

*Google (2018)

How it works

Finding the right audience across millions of websites sounds daunting so there are three helpful methods of placing your ads effectively.

You can advertise by topics allowing you to select which category your product or service fits into, putting you in front of an audience with an interest in that topic. You can use keywords which are the words that relate to your products or services that you think your audience would use to search for products or services like yours. Or choose remarketing, where you can target those who have already shown an interest by visiting your website.

Don’t worry, we can help you to determine the best method for your business to give you the best results.

Right place, right time

Google is clever, but no one knows your business better than you do.

We can help you to see what’s going to work for your business. Google’s Managed Placement will position where they think will be most relevant by analysing your keywords and topic information. Alternatively, we can help you take complete control of where you want to advertise, this includes naming the relevant sites where you’d like your ads to appear.

What really works?

It’s impossible to get everything right the first time.

We can help you to craft ads to see what really appeals to different audiences and discover what works. We’ll help you to test, measure and achieve.

Are you following me?

It’s the pair of shoes you’ve been contemplating buying, it’s the new kitchen that dreams are made of, it’s your search history haunting you. But really, it’s just remarketing.

Remarketing allows those creepy little cookies to follow you around and track where you’ve been. It can then target ads to make you think it’s fate that the shoes are back and therefore you must buy them, immediately. We can help you do the same to your website visitors, to keep you front of mind when they’re ready to spend.

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