Search Advertising

Your adverts at the top of Google and Bing

Search advertising

Search advertising is a powerful, targeted digital marketing tool.

Your adverts are presented at the top of the results page on Google and Bing, when customers search for keywords relating to the products and services you sell.

We can help you understand the words your customers are typing into their search engine during the buying process. Together, we can use this insight to create brilliant adverts and effective landing pages, which not only draw customers in but encourage them to buy.

Inbound marketing

A captive audience with clear needs tends to result in high conversion rates!

Uniquely, search advertising targets customers who are actively searching for the products and services you sell. You can specify which keywords you would like to target, allowing you to be highly selective about who you would like to draw to your landing page.

Keyword research

We’ll spend time working with you to understand everything we need to know about your customers and the products and services you offer. This consultative approach equips us to research the search terms your customers are using.

The results in this phase are often unexpected – customer behavior can be surprising! This precious information will help to inform the perfect content for your advert and the landing page too.

Attention grabbing adverts

Creating adverts which encourage customers to stop scrolling and click through is tough! We have lots of experience in this area and know how to deliver results.

We create a range of adverts and monitor them with eagle eyes during the first few hours and days of the campaign. We make subtle changes in response to customer behavior, to maximise results.

Landing pages that convert

We create beautiful, striking landing pages that pack a punch.

By partnering with revvd, you have a creative team at your fingertips. Access developers, graphic designers and content creators who will prepare a landing page that wows and works hard too.

A great landing page will drive customer engagement and generate leads for your business.

Measuring success here is easy as the results will be evident!

Controlled costs

You control your daily spend down to the last penny, which means there are no unexpected costs. We’ll work closely with you to understand your budget and can present options which fit with your spend.

Search advertising is very controlled, so if need to put on the brakes, or crank things up, it’s in your hands.

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