Social media marketing

Intelligently targeted social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

The savvy world of social media can be a powerful marketing tool for any business. Social Media Marketing (SMM) can include text, images, videos and surveys. So, depending on your goal, you can drive engagement, generate sales and improve your brand awareness. It doesn’t matter if you have 150K followers or just 100, you can boost your posts so that they reach the right people, at the right time.


Global reach…

3.1 billion active social media users*

People are spending 15 mins more on average on Facebook than watching TV*

Ad revenue is predicted to grow by 10.5% annually*

*Hootsuite 2018

A goal without a plan is just a wish

First, you need to plan your campaign. We’ll help you to understand your goals, your target audience and interpret that into an engaging message. revvd can help you to build a campaign that speaks to your customers in their language, stimulates interest and delivers tangible results.

You need to ensure that your landing page is the next step to offering your audience more. Your advert dangles the carrot, now you need to make it easy for them to take a bite! We can create landing pages that are simple, efficient and coherent with your advert message, ensuring you don’t lose people at this vital stage.

Have I seen you somewhere?

Have you ever noticed after some guilty-pleasure holiday shopping that the 5* luxury hotel seems to be haunting you on your Facebook timeline?

It’s not magic, it’s remarketing. Many social media platforms can allow you to target those who have recently visited your website.

Know your market

Social media is huge. We can help you to know where your target market will be and where you’re likely to generate the best results.

What works for many consumer brands won’t always work for yours. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you get it right.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

And neither was any effective social media campaign.

Social media is one of the more cost-effective methods of digital marketing. It’s therefore a great place to delve into recognising what works and what delivers results.