SEO Review

Find out how your website is really performing

SEO Review

Search Engine Optimisation is an essential tool for any organisation which wants to reach out to an online audience. It improves your search engine rankings and draws more customers to your brand.

A great first step into Search Engine Optimisation is an audit. Understand how your website stacks up today. Identify hidden issues, understand what your competition is up to and find out more about how your website ranks on Google. Our approach is entirely personalised, so we’ll talk you through all of the results one to one.

Check your site’s health

Carry out a full audit of your site to highlight hidden issues, such as broken or missing links and coding errors.

There are over fifty types of common hidden issues, which might be hindering your customers’ experience. This creates a poor perception of your brand and can cause customers to exit your website early.  We’ll unearth all the gremlins and will present you with a neat report that explains everything.

Prioritise issues

If we detect any issues during the audit, we’ll prioritise fixes using a clear traffic light system. This kind of information can be confusing, but don’t worry, we add context to help you make sense of the detail.


Cybersecurity is critical. As well as the importance of managing your customers’ data correctly, the security of your website is an important ranking factor for search engines.

As part of your SEO audit, you’ll receive a report detailing any security issues we detect. You’ll benefit from guidance and support to help you to strengthen your website’s security.

Competitor analysis

To outrank your competitors, you need to understand their strategy.

Facts are always better than assumptions. An SEO audit allows you to look under the bonnet of competitors’ SEO strategy – if they are doing anything better than you are, work out how you can beat their efforts! You can gain inspiration on new ways to connect with customers and to improve retention.

Understand your current Google position

Did you know that your Google searches are personalised, based on factors like your location and your previous searches? It’s likely that your customers aren’t even seeing the same results as you!

Google’s algorithm is continuously updating and refreshing in the background too, meaning that your website’s Google ranking can change from day to day.

Understanding the average ranking for your pages over a period of time and locations can help you understand how to improve. Our report is accurate and comprehensive – we’ll talk you through the detail so you can make sense of it all.

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