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SEO Service

We deliver ethical SEO that packs a punch. You can benefit from our SEO agency approach – this is our bread and butter.

We strike a rare balance between technical excellence and creative talent!

We do our homework to understand what your customers are keying into Google when they are trying to track down products like the ones you sell. We use this insight to curate keyword rich content, which draws customers in. Our talented designers create the most visually striking web pages and our content creators write banging content that makes your new visitors want to stick around and engage! It’s a perfect blend.

SEO Audit

The first step into Search Engine Optimisation is an audit – access your personalised report, which helps you understand how your website stacks up today.

Together we can identify hidden issues, understand what your competition is up to and find out more about how your website ranks on Google.

Technical issues

Having a healthy website is the first step to ensuring that search engines can effectively discover, crawl and index your website for maximum visibility.

Following your SEO audit, we’ll get to work on resolving any issues which are detected. From broken links to handling penalty recovery, we’ll delve in and deliver fixes.

Keyword research

We’ll spend time working with you to understand everything we need to know about your customers and the products and services you offer. This consultative approach equips us to research the keywords your customers are keying into Google.

The results in this phase are often unexpected – customer behavior can be surprising! This precious information will help to inform your content strategy. For example, your customers’ search terms can help you identify brilliant ideas for blog posts.

Content Planning

Your SEO strategy must line up with your business strategy, in order for you to achieve a genuine return on investment. Together, we’ll create a plan that matches your goals.

Keyword research will help us to understand exactly what your customers are searching for when they are trying to track down the products you sell.

We’ll use this newfound customer insight to create website pages that work. Ultimately this will help your website climb the ranks and draw new visitors in.

Shoehorning new content into your existing website often isn’t the smartest approach, so we’ll make recommendations on how to reconstruct the structure of your site to create a smooth customer journey. Subtle changes can transform the customer experience, boost engagement and increase conversions.

Local SEO

What is local SEO? It’s a way of informing Google of the local relevance of your website.

If local presence is important to your business, local SEO is the perfect way to identify local opportunities and to get your brand in front of customers in your area.

There are lots of techniques to boost Google’s understanding of your location, local citations is a great example. In simple terms, the more times Google spots your company name cited across trusted directories, the more it trusts your location!

Reporting and analytics

Google’s algorithm is constantly updating and refreshing and customer behavior changes over time too. We use monitoring tools to track your site’s performance and ensure that your web content is working as hard as it can, to help you achieve your goals.

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