How hashtags positively impact your LinkedIn posts

Hashtags for LinkedIn

It’s time to stop posting random tags that don’t help your business. When used correctly, hashtags can become a marketer’s best friend. There are literally tons of hashtags you can use to take your social media activities to the next level.

Hashtags are a way of categorizing and searching for posts on social networks. They also have the power to expand your reach, but there’s a right and wrong way to do just that!

Using the same hashtags limits reach as only the same audience is exposed to it. Using branded or niche hashtags with little or no following have literally no effect.

Here’s the short version of what you need to do.

1) Research hashtags that relate to your industry or niche, and check they have a good following.

2) Use at least three hashtags per post to increase reach, but more is better so try using 10-20. This will help increase the number of views from LinkedIn members outside of your following.

3) Use a mix of three types of hashtags [1] Post subject, [2] Target audience, [3] Popular hashtags.

And remember

Hashtags only work in an original post. If you include them in post edits or comments they will not get included in any search. This may change but for now, they do not work. They do however work when sharing when you add a comment and fresh hashtags.

How to use hashtags for maximum impact

Social is all about reaching out and engaging with your target market, and LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B platform. Hashtags, when used correctly, share your message outside of your followers and help you reach a wider audience.

When using hashtags on LinkedIn, it’s important to research the right ones and make sure they have a good following.

#Prompted Hashtags

Match the hashtags that directly relate to the subject of your post. For example; If your post is about raising capital – an entrepreneur might search or follow #CrowdFunding or #BusinessFinance. Don’t ignore the hashtags prompted

#Action Hashtags

#Learn, #Get and #Join work well for businesses that run a service. #LearnToTrade, #GetLegalAdvice, #LearnAtHome, #JoinOurTeam

#Target Audience

Think about and target your customers! This is often missed, but if your product or service is most useful to graphic designers – they would most likely be following #GraphicDesign, #DesignerLife , #GraphicDesignTips (135 followers)

#Popular Hashtags

What’s trending, what are the most popular hashtags on LinkedIn? Popular Hashtags on LinkedIn have low competition and high exposure.

#Local Hashtags

If you’re a local business, don’t forget to include your location or target location. #Stonehouse #Gloucestershire #GL10

#Brand or #Campaign hashtags

Hashtags are links – by clicking on the hashtag you get to see all posts that match. Research to make sure your chosen hashtag is unique otherwise you may be giving away eyes to your competitors.

More is better

There are no limits to the number of hashtags that can be added to each post. The most we’ve ever seen on a single post is 170 unique hashtags. We’re not saying this is the best approach, but more is better. We recommend 5-20 so long as they work well with the post message.

#Hashtag Research

Build a spreadsheet of the best Hashtags for your business. If your business covers multiple services, create separate lists for each service.

  1. Use the search bar and start typing, starting with a #, and watch the suggestions.
  2. Do not hit enter, click on the actual suggestion. If your hashtag does not appear, it has zero following.
  3. At the top, you’ll see how many members are following.
  4. Compare which Hashtags have the most followers for any given term like #Leader, #Leaders or #Leadership ??
  5. -or- Click on a hashtag – this will take you to the hashtag feed and show you the number of followers.

Doing your homework will make a huge difference to your LinkedIn marketing success. And don’t forget to share your research with everyone in your business. Every employee is a brand ambassador for your business on LinkedIn.

Following hashtags

All LinkedIn members can follow Hashtags to make their feed a lot more interesting. Members that do, will see in their feed posts relating to their chosen Hashtags.

If you want to find hashtags to follow, use the search bar:

  1. Enter the hashtag you’d like to find in the search bar on the upper-left corner of the page, for example, #TimeManagement. -or- Click on any hashtag
  2. Do not hit enter, you must click a suggested hashtag, it will take you to the hashtag’s feed where you can see content related to the hashtag topic.
  3. Click the Follow button at the top.

Wrapping up

How the algorithm works is not fully explained, however, the Hashtag posts we have seen in our own feeds have at least 6 reactions plus at least 2 comments. Clearly to get shared you need some level of engagement.

If you get the formula right, and by always using Hashtags your posts could reach thousands of people, very quickly and for free.

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How hashtags positively impact your LinkedIn posts
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