How to set up a Canva brand kit

Canva has become a go-to tool for lots of small marketing teams. As a trained designer, I think Canva has some limitations, that don’t quite match the likes of Adobe. BUT I cannot deny it’s an accessible, easy-to-use tool for smaller teams with limited resources. 

This year Canva brought out a new feature called ‘Brand Kit’ which makes it easier to access your branded design assets when you’re working in Canva. It can store things like your brand font, images, graphics, tone of voice etc. Let me take you through the steps you need to get this set up.

3 steps to set up your Canva brand kit

Once you’re logged into Canva, head to the left-hand navigation and click on the ‘Brand’ option. This’ll take you through to the brand kit area.

Canva Brand kit
Canva Brand Kit

Now you’re in the Canva brand kit area, you’ll see an option to ‘+ Add New’ – click on this to get started on creating your brand kit. 

If you manage multiple brands, this is where you’ll also see all the other brand kits you have access to.

You can also control who can make changes to the brand kit, a neat way of keeping things controlled. 

From there you’ll see all the options to add all your brand assets into Canva. You can add a whole range of assets to your brand kit including:

  • Logos
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Brand Voice
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Icons

Being able to add these in saves so much time. Especially for things like colours. As someone who lives and breathes a number of brands on the daily, I have found myself reciting hex codes, but now not everyone needs to remember these. Or worse still, try and ‘match by eye’ the colour…(please, please, never do this).

There’s also no limit (that we’ve found anyway) on how many assets you can add. Great news for brands that use a lot of imagery or icons in their design style. 
Canva Brand Kit

And that’s it. Follow those 3 easy steps and your Canva brand kit will be good to go! 

Adding this in saves a tonne of time and stops you from having to download assets every time you need them, or digging around to find your brand guidelines to check what font and size you should be using. It’s also a brilliant way of making sure everything you put out into the world is on brand and consistent. This becomes especially true when you have multiple people working on assets. Having everything saved in your brand kit helps to manage and protect the brand style.


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