How to write a call to action in 4 easy ways

Calls-to-action, they’re one of the most important metrics we use in marketing. 

We use them to see how many people are taking that next step beyond reading the content, and actively engaging with it. They give us an indication that the person is interested in what we’re talking about or the services we have to offer. 

But here's the problem with most calls to action, they're boring...

The trouble with generic calls to action like ‘find out more’ ‘see more’ and ‘click here’ is we’ve seen them a million times before, so our brain switches off when we see them. We’ve all used them, whether for ease or because we didn’t know how to make more use of those few words in a button. But we can fix that with our guide on how to write a call to action.

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How to write a call to action

Here are 4 tried and tested ways to make your next call to action more compelling. 

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Match the intention

First up, could you match the intention? Think about why your reader is there, and what mood are they in when they’re reading your content and seeing your CTA. Are they there to learn something? Are they browsing products but unlikely to purchase first visit? Are they buying?

Thinking about their mood and intentions can help you to craft a call to action that will entice them to click on it. 

Clothing retailer Frahm uses a great example with “Ogle our range”

They sell high-end jackets, so they know their shoppers are unlikely to make an immediate purchase. It’ll be a choice they think about, and possibly visit a few times before committing to buy. The laidback copy used in this CTA matches that mood and intention. They could’ve stuck with the usual ‘shop now’ but they’ve gone beyond that and added some brand personality by doing so. 

Frahm call to action
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Make it actionable

Talk about the action that you want the reader to take. 

eve Networks have a great example of this with their recurring revenue calculator. The ‘work out my calculation’ call to action tells the reader exactly what action will happen when they click the button. 

Nothing confusing, just a clear next step that’s more enticing than ‘find out more’. 

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Squash any objections

An easy one to use, take any objection the reader might have and squash it right away.

A common objection we all have is having to pay. So if what you’re offering in your CTA is free, make that clear to the reader like Klarna do in this example. 

Klarna, call to action

Keep it clear and specific

And finally, one to always stick to. Be clear and specific about what the reader can expect if they click that magical call to action. 

Vagueness doesn’t compel us to take action. So be clear with the reader about what they can expect.

Take note from Shopify who tell you exactly how long that video is going to take to watch, so you know what you’re in for when you click. A great way of creating trust and a positive experience for your reader. 

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And there we have it. 4 easy ways to turn your boring ‘see more’ or ‘click here’ call to action into something that will make your audience want to click.

Let us know if you try any of these for your own website! 

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