Social Trends 2024: Our take on Hootsuite’s annual predictions

social trends 2024

Last month Hootsuite released its Social Trends 2024 report.

You can take a look through the 41-page report hereOr if you’re strapped for time, you can read on to see a summary of the Social Trends 2024 report and how we think businesses should respond.


Hootsuite's 3 Social Trends 2024

Brands commit to their champion platforms

LinkedIn, Facebook, X, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, the list goes on. 

According to Hootsuite, 2024 is the year when brands will start putting their focus and efforts into the platforms that best serve them. 

We are here for it!

When it comes to social platforms I like to think of the saying “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.

In reality most of us in B2B have one person running the social platforms. Putting out relevant, engaging content for 6 or 7 platforms is simply unrealistic. And it’s unlikely to have a positive impact on your brand. 

Instead of trying to be everything for everyone, pick the platform that best aligns with your business. Usually in B2B, that’s LinkedIn. We’ve seen great success with LinkedIn with our clients, and part of that is down to the fact that we’ve focused our efforts on that one channel. Once you’ve cracked that platform, then you can start thinking about introducing others if they feel right for your brand.

How do you find your champion platform?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do you see the most active engagement from your customers and prospects? And think beyond likes. Where do you see conversations in the comments, people sharing and tagging their friends and colleagues? 
  • What does your following look like? Try to think beyond numbers. You might have 2000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) but if they’re made up of 90% bots or competitors then the audience really isn’t that valuable to you. It is far better to have 100 followers who match your target audience than 10,000 who are never going to match your customer criteria. 

We can help you figure out which platform could become your champion in 2024. Drop us a message and let’s talk it through. 

AI forces brands to redefine authenticity

Would it be a social trends 2024 report without AI on the list!?

AI has been dominating every corner of the internet this year, it was even named Collin’s word of the year.

Marketing has been a reasonably early adopter of generative AI this year and that openness to use AI to work more efficiently looks set to continue into next year. 

However, it doesn’t look like audiences will be as open to embracing AI as some brands. Ultimately it comes down to the demographics and traits of your audience. According to the report, Gen-Z are more open than older generations when it comes to brands using AI-generated content and are also more confident in their ability to spot content that has been created by AI.


AI in marketing

Can you use AI but still be authentic?

Hootsuite summarises it brilliantly: 

“In 2024, the most successful brands will redefine “authenticity.” It’s not about who (or what) creates your content anymore; it’s about the brand experience your content creates for the customer.”

It’s about using AI to work with what you already have, and as with any computer you get out of it what you put in. If you’re loading up ChatGPT and asking “write me 5 social posts about IT support” you’re going to struggle to keep authenticity with your audience.

But here’s something you could try in that same scenario:

  • take a paragraph from an existing blog on your IT support offering
  • ask ChatGPT to give you 5 ideas for LinkedIn posts based on that paragraph
  • be specific about what the call to action should be 
  • give ChatGPT tips on what your brand voice is (formal/informal, funny/serious etc)
  • tweak the suggested posts to land on something that feels true to your brand

I’m actually a supporter of using AI in marketing, I think it can accelerate what we do in a way we’ve not seen before. BUT I’m also a copywriter and will stand by the belief that nothing beats the human touch when it comes to writing content for your audience. I think 2024 will be the year when we see some brands harness AI brilliantly, and others use it as a a slightly lazy substitute – don’t be the latter!

Entertainment fuels the social ROI engine

Every time I speak to clients about social content I always ask them to think about what types of content they engage with from their personal social profiles. Their answers replicate what Hootsuite have found in the social trends 2024 report…

Self-promotion is out, entertainment is in. 

As social media consumers, we’re simply not interested in brands that constantly talk about themselves. We’re on social platforms to be entertained, educated and/or escape. Your brand’s content needs to live up to this expectation or your audience will switch off. 

I know that telling a traditional B2B brand to be ‘entertaining’ on social is the kind of thing that fills them with dread. But fear not, entertainment doesn’t equate TikTok dances and office prank videos. 

Entertainment can mean teaching your audience something they didn’t know, showing them some light-hearted culture in your office, or even sharing an inspiring story. 

There are plenty of ways a brand, even a B2B brand, can be entertaining on social. I promise you I’ve never (as of November 2023 when I write this) asked any of my clients to film a TikTok dance to be entertaining. Check out eve Networks on LinkedIn to see how we create authentic entertainment that is true to the brand and generates engagement. 

Turning trends into meaningful action

You’ll hear us talk a lot about meaningful marketing at revvd. It’s about doing things for a reason, to drive action, and not to just tick a box. 

Some of these trends could end up playing a part in your business strategy in 2024, some probably won’t. 

If you’re in planning mode and want a fresh set of eyes to look over things, or an expert to help make sure your marketing and business objectives align, drop us a message, it’s what we do.

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