Digital strategy is a combination of science and art


As digital strategists, we wear many hats. We are part translator, part analyst, and part creative thinker. We need to be able to translate business language into customer language and vice versa. We also need to connect the dots between the needs, wants, and desires of the customer and the often elusive business, brand, and marketing goals of the company.

Digital strategy consulting describes a series of activities intended to assist you in reaching your objective. Through our knowledge of the digital landscape and continuous optimisation, your digital strategy will focus on increasing traffic, leads and sales from short, medium and long terms goals.

In order to develop a Digital Strategy, we go deep into data. Discover opportunities from your digital footprint, as well as those of your competitors. We discover what makes your company different from its competition and look for opportunities that your business can exploit.


What’s your position right now?

To build a digital strategy we need to discover what’s going on in your digital space. By delving deep into your data, as well as your competitors, we will uncover opportunities. Even if you’re a start-up, we use competitor data to give you an unfair advantage.

What makes you different from your competitors in terms of what they are doing online and how they are executing their strategies. We look for interesting relationships in groups of data that could be exploited for greater value. With a clear understanding of your digital landscape, we can build a strategy to get you where you want to be.

We’ll go through everything in-depth, distilling it down into easy-to-understand insights for you; we make sure that the path we recommend makes sense given where you currently are within your industry and how to achieve your goals.


Strategic Planning

We aim to create a digital marketing plan that works for everyone in your company by collaborating with different departments throughout your business. This will ensure that your online presence is clear and effective for both customer acquisition and retention. Our job is to make sure our recommendations are appropriate and effective for everyone involved.

From your sales team that need to showcase a product online, to your customer service team that needs a place for people to ask questions or talk about their experiences with certain products.

We’ll make sure it’s clear and effective for everyone involved!


An effective digital channel for your business

Each digital channel has its own set of complex tactics that are critical for success. As a result, they must be evaluated and prioritised. For example, activities like SEO and content marketing require a long-term approach. On the other hand, social media requires constant monitoring of relevant conversations in order to remain effective.

Your website is the foundation of everything you do online. All other digital marketing activities should be directed towards driving traffic to your website. Once visitors are on your website, it’s important that questions are answered, ambiguity is removed, and there is a clear path that encourages them to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.

Social media, email marketing and SEO are all important aspects of digital strategy that can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Social media is the most effective channel for customer engagement. Email marketing has an ROI of over 4000%. And search engine optimisation (SEO), you attract high quality warm leads.

Paid advertising channels such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn ads can be part of your digital strategy. They allow you to reach new customers or re-engage existing ones faster than organic search.


Cloud Business
Our new website is the perfect showcase for our newly integrated business. Visually, it helps us to stand apart from our traditional IT Service Provider competitors, but equally delivers enticing user journeys, strong search engine performance and plentiful lead generation.

James Butler
Firstcom Europe
It was really important for Firstcom Europe to work with a digital agency that would understand exactly what it was we were trying to achieve. We were bringing three websites together in one, and have a comprehensive product set, but we needed the website to be fresh uncluttered.

Julie Cox

How do we work?

You probably have questions about the details of how we can work together.

Instead of keeping them a secret and making you call us to find out, we’re happy to share them with you. We keep a running list of questions people generally have about how this program works. Some of these questions include:

  • How do you build a digital marketing strategy?
  • Will you be able to create a digital marketing strategy for my industry/company?
  • How is the programme structured?

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